Family Law

Our objective is to facilitate a process and resolution suited for your particular needs and challenges by offering advice you can trust and focusing on the needs and the interests of your children, and the interests of all parties involved in the matter.

Our Family Law Services includebut not limited to:

At Korytko Law, our team will walk you through every step of the process of your case, and ensure that you understand outcomes and results of each stage.

We offer one hour consultation, 30 minutes free of charge. This consultation is confidential, and during this consultation you can expect:

  • We will meet you, review your case, answer your questions and discuss your options
  • We will advise you as to your legal rights and obligations
  • We will address your urgent concerns and issues
  • We will discuss with you and develop preliminary plan of action
  • We will create a budget that works for you

We proudly accept Legal Aid Certificates.

Advice You Can Trust

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