Separation Agreement

separation agreement is a legally binding contract. Two individuals who cohabited, not necessarily married, can be parties to a separation agreement. In a separation agreement, parties have the power to settle and deal with all aspects of their respective rights and obligations, including:

  • property rights
  • support rights
  • allocation of debts
  • right to custody and access to children
  • right to direct the education and moral training of children
  • and any other related aspects

For parties to agree on the terms of a separation agreement, they do not need to apply to court. A well drafted separation agreement may oust the jurisdiction of the court and be final and conclusive.

At Korytko Law, our experienced team is dedicated to work with you to prepare a separation agreement, which protects you and your loved ones’ interests.

Further, our legal team is willing to review a prepared separation agreement and give you Independent Legal Advice. Our team will assist you to understand every aspect of the prepared separation agreement. Your rights and interest will be protected once you choose our legal team.

Note: If you have signed a separation agreement that does not fairly protect your rights, you may be able to apply to court to challenge those terms. Where provisions of a separation agreement are unconscionable, the court may override the agreement’s provisions and make an order for new terms.

At Korytko Law, we make every effort to reach a result in accordance with your wishes in order to protect your rights and interests.

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